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“To heal is touch with love, that which we previously touched with fear”  



Sound Therapy for Emotional Imbalances

Using a combination of Reiki, sound and light touch massage I help people who suffer with anxiety, depression or just general stress, to help them have a sense of ease and comfort so that they have the tools to enable them to have a more fulfilling life.

I use sound in the form of tuning forks, flute, and voice.  All of which have different frequencies which can help release tension and energy and promote emotional balance.

TMJ Therapy

Have you been everywhere and tried everything with little or no relief? Starting to feel as if there is no hope, or that others think its ‘all in your head’? Well it isnt. TMJ is very real, and many treatments don’t help because they focus on the TMJ itself. Trigger points in the neck and shoulder muscles can be responsible, and fascial restrictions elsewhere in the body may contribute. Be pain free, call today and find out how we can help.

TMJ Therapy® is a unique highly effective treatment protocol developed by a dental professional turned clinical massage therapist. Combining 40 years experience this groundbreaking work has been helping sufferers out of pain and restriction for 20 years.

Do you suffer with any of the following?
Jaw, face, neck, and shoulder pain Headaches Popping, clicking, or grating noises in the jaw Deep jaw pain Difficulty opening your mouth, speaking or movng the jaw from side to side Dizziness or vertigo or visual disturbances Tinnitus or trouble sleeping Earache without the presence of infection ‘Glop in the throat’ a sensation of something being stuck that wont go down. Unevenly worn teeth; Twitching of the face or eye muscles; Disordered sleep. Sensitivity to bright light or certain sounds Bruxism (teeth grinding) Trismus (difficulty opening mouth normally

I have studied with Tracey Kiernan and offer this effective treatment for TMJ pain. I also have tuning forks that I use alongside the protocols. I help people who have suffered with headaches or jaw pain that nothing else has helped to have some relief from this chronic condition so that they can manage the symptoms and after an initial treatment package have maintainence to keep on top of the issue.


One to One Sound Immersions

Walk with me in nature, we will have a mindful experience outside experiencing all that nature has to offer us. I will incorporate sound therapy into the experience either drumming, flute, voice or a mixture of whatever comes forward. This is a deeply healing experience and something that anyone can benefit from during the current world situation. You will have a mind body and soul experience.

Sharon Wheeler's Scar Work

This is a very gentle treatment that is given without oils, creams or lotions that helps post -operative, accident or burn scars . I help people with this treatment to improve the health and feel of scars. Clients after treatment have commented that they have better range of movement and that the scar feels softer and they often have less pain.

I have a passion in this area because I personally have many scars from operations and when I first received treatment I knew that it was an area that I wanted to study so that I too could help people.

I have taken scar work to Sarajevo and worked with victims of war with Healing Hands Network, been involved in training camps with the Invictus Games and I was involved in a scarwork trial at Barts Whippscross Hospital.

Women's Circles

Women have been gathering for years in order to empower each other and share their wisdom. Circle space helps women to get in touch with their feelings, find their strength and feel safe to share what is going on for them as a person, rather than the label that may be attached to them such as wife, mother, daughter or sister.
With the world pandemic dividing us every day, women more than ever need a safe community to be a part of.
Session where restrictions allow will be in person otherwise these will be held over Zoom.

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